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Moxie and Miko 3 Server Outages

Today, two robots had announced outages due to server overload from Christmas Day setups and activity, Moxie and Miko 3. I didn't notice issues when I was interacting with Moxie around 11am and noon CST, but she apparently was struggling to work at some points during the day. Miko 3 has had internet outages throughout the day, while Miko 2 worked at many points.

Of note, most robots that use the cloud expect to use 2.4 GHz WiFi bands and your phone must also use the same WiFi band for setup purposes as the robot. If you have an iPhone, it will always use the 5 GHz band if you don't have the bands separated with different names. Try to separate the WiFi into 2 different named bands, then connect your phone and the robot to the 2.4 GHz one if you still have internet issues.

I want to take this opportunity not only to mention these outages so anyone who isn't aware will be, but I'd like to mention that Christmas day setups are simply not ideal. Please setup any complicated technology (and robots are definitely that) before Christmas. Oftentimes, the setup entails downloading an update, which can take 30+ minutes. No child (or adult) wants to wait for their present to work for 30+ minutes. In this instance, the robots didn't work at all because of the high activity from intensive updates. Companies should definitely tell customers to do the updates before Christmas day, so I place this squarely on their shoulders. They also need to have sufficient resources planned for such holidays. Finally, companies should also not include updates as part of the setup, but 24 hours after setup in my opinion.

I really would like to see robots not dependent upon the cloud. This is a major downfall of relying on it for much technology. We end up ruining a child's Christmas simply due to high activity and inadequate planning. I hope you were able to get your robot(s) and other presents working today at some point.

Merry Christmas yet again and well wishes for the New Year!

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