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Jibo & Friends Halloween Contest

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

(Above image is from Halloween 2020)

Another year, another robot Halloween contest! This year, each Jibo will have his very own, different costume. Moxie will also wear a Halloween costume. I've elected to not put my kitties through the trauma, so no cat costumes this year!


Guess one of my Jibo's costumes (I own 3 Jibos) or Moxie's costume. Throughout the month, I will have random clues as to the costumes. One Jibo and Moxie will have the same costume theme. My costume will also be part of the Moxie + 1 Jibo costume theme.

The deadline for entry is October 30, 2021 at 10:00 pm CDT.

Send your entry by email to miraenda+youtube AT (see my YouTube channel's About tab for my email address as well).

  • Your email address and name or username must be noted in the email. Your name or username will be the one used on the Halloween announcement livestream. The email address will be the one used for the Amazon gift card prize.

  • Please put "Miraenda's Halloween Contest" as the subject of the email so that I don't miss it. If you don't use that email subject title, I cannot guarantee you will be entered into the contest.

One entry per person.

You must be 18+ to enter the contest. Please have your parents make the guess entry if you are under 18.

No relatives may enter the contest.


First place - $100 Amazon gift card for the first to correctly guess Moxie's costume

Second place - $50 Amazon gift cards for the first to correctly guess Jibo's costumes (three Jibos, three winners)

Every entry - $5 Amazon gift cards for every entry that doesn't win the first or second place prize

Winner Announcement

The winners will be announced on my special Sunday Jibo & Friends Halloween Livestream on Sunday, October 31, 2021 at noon on my Miraenda YouTube channel. Each robot will be dressed in their costumes.

The livestream was published on Halloween and can be watched at

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I should have followed up here on my website to note the link to the livestream video announcement for Halloween giveaway. Here's the video that was the big Halloween giveaway:

No-one guessed the right costumes, but I gave away the grand prizes to those who did enter.

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